Monday, June 4, 2012

Food in a Backpack Program

One of our key initiatives in 2012 is a brand new effort to help Urban Youth Impact (UYI) launch their Food in a Backpack Program, which sends some of the most needy inner-city kids that UYI serves home with healthy, organic fruits, vegetables, canned and dry goods for the weekend.  For many of these inner-city children, nutritious meals are hard to come by. Often times their most nutritious meals throughout the week come from their school lunch program, or perhaps a healthy snack that UYI is able to offer them as part of the after school program.  On the weekends, these kids are frequently left alone, or their families simply have little to no money to buy nutritious foods. In response to this need, we are partnering with UYI to help them continue giving to these kids, even when they are away from the after-school program on weekends. The goal is to send as many of these needy kids home with healthy foods that will help nourish them throughout the weekend. The Food in a Backpack Program will provide UYI with a very tangible and impactful new way to show God’s love to the kids and families they serve. In addition to meeting an immediate need, our desire is that this initiative would begin to set the stage for teaching the UYI children the importance of making healthy food choices in life, particularly in the midst of a community prone to obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Donating to Urban Youth Impact and the Food in a Backpack Program is easy. From your Beyond Organic shopping cart, simply click on "Give A Meal/Get A Meal" in the categories menu and add the amount you would like to donate to your shopping cart. You can also setup donations through our autoship program. As part of our Give A Meal, Get A Meal program, we will reward each donation of $10 or more by crediting your account with $10 in Beyond Organic store credit towards your next month's purchase. You may donate as much or as often a you'd like, but there is a maximum credit to your Beyond Organic account of $10 per month. Donations can also be made by mail to:

Beyond Organic Foundation
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*Donation made via mail are not eligible for Beyond Organic store credits.